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Playlist Uffbasse Palzbänd

Playlist Uffbasse Palzbänd

2018 Setlist Uffbasse Palzbänd
1 This Land is your Land Woody Guthrie
2 Horse with no name America
3 Heart of Gold Neil Young
4 hey Hey My My Neil Young
5 First we take Manhattan Joe Cocker
6 Wild horses Rolling Stones
7 I heard it through the grapewine Marvin Gay
8 Green River CCR
9 So lonely Police
10 Summer in the City Joe Cocker
11 Sitting on the dock of the Percy Sledge Sitz do
12 Because the night Patti Smith
13 Friday on my mind George Young Freidaach
14 Into the great white open Tom Petty
15 Der Tango Kriminale Ede Eber-Huber Tango
16 Go to the Mirror Who
17 Get it on T.Rex
18 Too good to be true Tom Petty Mäh Glick
19 Like a rolling stone Bob Dylan Wie en..
20 Last dance with Mary Jane Tom Petty
21 I put a spell on you CCR Ich hätt
22 Sharp dressed Man ZZ top
23 You really got me Kinks Du bringschd
24 Cortex the killer Neil Young, Dave Matthew
25 Free Falling Tom Petty
26 Running down a dream Tom Petty
27 Suzie Q CCR Susi Du
28 Ain´t no sunshine Bill Withers Schoint kää
29 Mir sinn debei Jürgen Bender, Rock un R Mir sinn
30 Knocking on heavens door Bob Dylan Loss,loss
31 Kumm mer trinken Jürgen Bender, Rock un R Kumm mer
32 Honey Bee Tom Petty Zuckerbobb
33 Get back Beatles Pass uff
34 Schlagzeugsolo Mani Reckendorfer
35 Break down Tom Petty
36 You don´t know how it feels Tom Petty
37 Come together Beatles Kummen zsamme
38 Substitute Who
39 Behind Blue eyes Who
40 Palzlied Anonyme Giddarischde Palzlied
Uffbasse Palzbänd Songs

Uffbasse Palzbänd Songs

Kumm mer trinken uff e guudes Feschd – Jürgen Bender „Rock un´Riesling“

Palzlied – Anonyme Giddarischde

Come together – Beatles

I put a spell in You – CCR („isch hätt e Frooch on disch“)

Ain´t no sunshine – Bill Withers („schoint kää Sunn mäh…“)

Sitting on the dock of the Bay – Otis Redding („Sitz do on dem Dock uff´m Kai“)

Like a rolling stone – Bob Dylan („Wie en Plaschderstää“)